Award Announcement

Best Applications for Smart Devices


This category is designed to recognize the Governmental entities in the Kingdom of Bahrain that present a smart device application (Mobile or Tablet) to its end users with an aim of reducing cost, time and effort to accomplish a task or a series of tasks.

Entry criteria

  • The applicant must be categorized as a Government Body in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • The applicant should use technical solutions and is in line with the terms of the award.
  • The application should be operational and accessible at the time of application submission and available in an international application store(s).

Evaluation Criteria

  • Impact of application on society.
  • Provide Cost savings and efficiency solutions concerning resources and time.
  • Illustrate ability to implement problem-solving techniques and improve services.
  • Compatibility of the app on most platforms.
  • Creative use and utilization of relevant mobile technologies.
  • Implementation of a continuous improvement plan.
  • Degree of effectiveness (Volume, value, distribution, market share and other success factors).
  • Provide an effective communication mechanism with the Audience.
  • Customer Support.
  • Compliance with W3C standards for mobile applications.